Yelp 5 Star Review


Our designer, Barbara, came over for the free consultation. She detailed out every inch of our walk in closet and broke down our options by price point and value. When we decided to do our second closet at the same time, she came back without issue and we signed the contract that day. It took over a month for the closets to be cut & for an available worker to install them. Installation took almost 6 hours (one worker, Daniel, came and worked nonstop!) but well worth it in the end. They cut out the baseboard for it to fit seamlessly (optional) but now you can see where the baseboard was removed on the back wall. Must sand and repaint or your clothes will hide it anyways. For 2 closets the price wasn't outrageous in comparison to other custom places (we had a coupon for CBD though which helped) and not a crazy amount more than other non-custom prefab places that wouldn't utilize our space.